“Thank you for sharing. I was on the Hill and didn’t see these vigils on the news. You have lifted my spirits.” ~ response to our Twitter thread spotlighting pro-democracy actions on January 6. (Photo source: Senator Chuck Schumer’s Twitter)

President Biden addresses the nation on the one year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection. Credit: CNN

The highs and lows of democratic practice in 2021 began with the definitive and historic election of Biden-Harris followed by the January 6 insurrection and the inauguration it couldn’t stop.
(Photo Credit: DoD photo by U.S. Army Private 1st Class Laura Hardin)

Three organizations symbolizing hundreds of courageous efforts underway to establish places of common ground in the midst of rising political sectarianism.

A sampling of the art and artists featured at Activists Mobilizing for Power 2021’s Artist Gallery

Accepting the first Civil Courage Prize awarded to an American on Oct. 29 at the Oregon Jewish Museum & Center for Holocaust Education, Eric K. Ward shares stories of the resistance to authoritarianism and bigotry.

Western States Center played a leading role in countering the threats posed to inclusive democracy in Oregon by the federal authoritarian response to the racial justice mobilizations in the summer of 2020. We launched a digital campaign to give organizers around the country concrete actions to raise the alarm and demonstrate solidarity with Black Lives Matter demonstrators in Portland, Oregon in the face of a political, authoritarian crack-down by federal agents; and we filed a lawsuit against the federal government to sharpen focus on the full range of constitutional rights being violated.

Four of the American women — mentors, teachers, comrades, story tellers — who’ve helped inspire and organize resistance to authoritarianism.

What to make of the failures of last week’s sparsely attended “Justice for J6” mobilization in D.C. (left) and the California gubernatorial recall campaign (right)?

Western States Center

Based in the Pacific Northwest and Mountain States, Western States Center works nationwide to strengthen inclusive democracy.

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